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“When you love a girl (when you ACTUALLY LOVE HER)”

  1. You tell her you love her
  2. You tell your family & your friends, you love her
  3. You get mad if she talks to other boys
  4. You defend her, even to your friends
  5. You have to compliment her (your opinion is probably the only one that matters to her)
  6. You ask her what’s wrong, even if you know she’ll say “nothing”
  7. Get mad at her if she says “nothing”
  8. If she walks away, let her go
  9. Once you let her go, remind her you’re always there for her.
  10. DO NOT SPEND EVERY WAKING MOMENT WITH HER (Things will become “comfortable” If you aren’t always together you’ll have chances to miss each other and most likely have sex more and argue less)
  11. If you guys “break up” Realize you’re only doing it to make up (so you might as well do it sooner than later)
  12. Always try to impress her. (Most guys think you only have to impress a girl to “get” her, and once you have her you don’t have to anymore.. that’s not true.)
  13. Force her to do things you like to do, and do things she wants you to do. (ex: Take her paintballing, go with her while she shops in Victoria’s Secret)
  14. Shower with her, take baths with her, wash her hair. (its exotic)
  15. Hold her hand.
  16. Be possessive. Make sure she knows she is yours AND you are hers. (girls like reassurance)
  17. Be Protective. If you love her, you care about her, you should be willing to make sure nothing happens to her. If you really love her, she is a part of you. protect it. That part is a piece of your heart.
  18. Think about her feelings. (girls are emotional) If its going to hurt her, you shouldn’t do it.
  19. Ask for her opinion. (girls have opinions about everything, if you ask for it, she will think that you value her thoughts.)
  20. You may not believe it but, girls love sex. Have spontaneous sex. touch her in the car, grab her butt in the store, make out with her before you drop her off. Act like you want her.
  21. When you’re in an argument say these things. “I understand”, “I didn’t mean to upset you”, “I am sorry”, “do you want ice cream”, “gimmie kissy”. If none of those work leave her alone. she’ll get over it.
  22. SURPRISE HER. give her a 25 cent toy, she’ll like it because you thought of her.
  23. ALWAYS get her a gift on her birthday, Christmas, and Valentines day. Even if its just a stuffed animal.
  24. Appreciate the fights you share together, you guys are NOT meant to be identical and agree with everything. Arguing means you’re willing to put in the effort to discuss your feelings with one another. Once one or the other walks away from the argument be somewhat worried.
  25. WRESTLE. Its a good work out. A good way to express aggression. A good lead into amazing sex. Don’t miss out.
  26. Most of all, if you love her, be wiling to sacrifice things. Put in effort to make her happy, It will be work but it shouldn’t be TOO hard either.
  27. Respect her. (everyone has different view of what “respect” is. Get familiar with each others views.) If you guys are going through a rough patch, don’t ignore her. that says that you don’t have enough respect to acknowledge her. 
  28. Be honest. Just try your best to be honest. Everyone lies.
  29. BE ABLE TO NOT BE SEXUAL. It’s important that you’re able to spend time together as friends without having sex. Its good to practice silence and being comfortable in it.
  30. When you love a girl (WHEN YOU ACTUALLY LOVE HER) don’t let her go. Don’t let her leave, or sleep angry. If it was the last time you saw her, you wouldn’t want to remember her being angry at you. Don’t let her think you don’t care, because if you do, you’ll have to do twice as much to make her believe you again. 

*DISCLAIMER* : You do not have to do all these things daily, most of these things you rarely have to do. like, you don’t have to surprise her every day, or compliment her ALL the time, these are just things you should do at least a couple times every now and then. Girls need attention, loyalty, reassurance, and love. That’s it. Its not that hard to do those things.

If you really love her, you’re willing, always.

Last time you said you loved me

last time you said you loved me

you were choking me

slapping me

grabbing me

kissing and licking me.

last time you said you loved me

I was crying

I said “no you don’t”

and every time I said that

you tried to tell me

you loved me

by making love to me

and I told you to stop

because I could feel myself

soaking into your arms

into your body

becoming you

becoming your words.

I told you “we cant”

but you picked me up

and laid me down

and you showed me we could

and at that very moment

every time you pushed yourself against me

you told me you loved me

and I felt like I couldn’t be closer to you

because you loved me

and I loved you too

I just never realized

I never knew

that that would be the last time

the last time

I ever believed you

“all I want for Christmas is us”


probably making love

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The only person I really miss from north is Cora


the scary thing about dating is that you are either going to marry that person or break up

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Sylvia Plath photographed after committing suicide.
“Dying is an art, like everything else. I do it exceptionally well”
even amidst fierce flames-the golden lotus can be planted

Sylvia Plath photographed after committing suicide.

“Dying is an art, like everything else. I do it exceptionally well”

even amidst fierce flames-the golden lotus can be planted

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“Airports see more sincere kisses than wedding halls. The walls of hospitals have heard more prayers than the walls of churches.”

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Get in, we’re going killing 


Get in, we’re going killing 

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